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Versatile Head of Performance Marketing and Comms with a passion for ethical brands. Familiar with leading communications, online and offline campaigns from concept to production on a global level.

Strong coach and team lead. Co-founder of Ocean. Now!.

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Strategic and conceptional development of campaigns and media pitches. Specifically interested in brands with a focus on sustainability.

Press / PR, SEM, SEO, Content, Social, CRM, Display, Retargeting, Marketplaces, Affiliation.


work Style



Unique branding is key for success. Your brand is engaging when telling a story, let's find a new and different angle in marketing channels and media to make it stand out. Once defined, various tools in SEO, SEM, Social, Affiliate-, Display will serve us to build an outstanding presence gaining quality traffic. Be bold is my device.


Being a motivating character by nature, I bring a light and easy work style to teams, even in challenging situations. I have a solid  experience in leading teams and different stakeholders in a fast-paced environment on a global level.


My main driver is my strong will of making an impact. I let numbers speak for themselves.

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Social Reach

A wide range of Social Media tools allows your brand to grow a relevant audience. A combination of the right targeting and strong messaging is needed for a your brand to offer an engaging relationship to users. I create a strategy for tailored messaging generating curiosity, interaction and audience growth. Example: Designed and launched an integrative online magazine for a fair trade fashion brand. Goal: Grow the customer audience. Result: +700% web traffic YoY.


Online campaigns generate conversions by capturing quality traffic and transforming them into user action. Is your ad messaging unique, appealing and true to your brand? I develop a holistic checkout funnel to trigger potential to generate sale conversions. Example: Applied unconventional branding technique with new ad beta product for global sports apparel brand. Goal: Increase online sales. Result: +300% sales conversions YoY.


Budget can be spent rapidly. I work with profitability as a prime goal and view an intelligent ad set up based on storytelling while distributing budget wisely. Example: Created Retargeting campaign for a global fashion retailer. Goal: Grow profitability. Result: -60% spend while maintaining trend of revenue growth.




  • People Tree
  • Billabong
  • Oliveda
  • Enerkeep
  • Communicationsinc
  • Speedo
  • Blue Action Fund
  • Karen Millen
  • Dooney & Bourke
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Boots
  • Equilibrio

  • Fairtrade Foundation
  • ARD
  • Transition Towns
  • Dr.Catsby
  • Crocs
  • Neue Heimat

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CONTACT +49 176 82797897